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EATware Biodegradable 10" Dinner Plates - 50 Pack
EATware Biodegradable & Compostable 10" Plates

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Biodegradable Compostable & Decomposable 10" Plates - 50 Pack
This 10" Dinner Plate is the "traditional" size plate. This is the most commonly used size for all occasions. This would be the ideal size for serving at bbq luncheon, dinner reception, or for pizza night!
Made from natural materials such as wheat bamboo, rice, sugarcane and cornstarch. It is manufactured without the use of bleach. They are oil and water resistant, microwave and oven safe. It will decompose in a landfill, a compost pile, or a lake or river in 14 days - and the fibers are safe to be eaten by fish! Although we don't recommend disposing this in our waterways!! Using zero-emission manufacturing technology, meaning all liquid and solid left over is recycled back into the pulping system, there is no organic or chemical waste.
Here is some additional information about the EATware products that may help you make a decision about what you need...
How "green" are EATware Plates & Bowls?
We carry Natural products that are made from natural, abundant and renewable materials such as bamboo, wheat, sugarcane pulp, starch and water, with no chemical additives, so they are decomposable, biodegradable and compostable. The brands we carry, such as EATware, BAMware, and Bridgate are made by using a process that minimizes energy consumption and environmental pollution. We strive to only carry products that have zero organic or chemical waste.These products are extremely unique because they will decompose in soil usually within 180 days or will totally disperse in water within just two weeks. Brands may change without notice.
How do I dispose of EATware Plates & Bowls?
These plates can be thrown the regular garbage, composted in a commercial composting facility or composted in a backyard compost heap.
What do EATware Plates look like?
They are "natural" light brown colored plates. They are smooth on the top and have a small cross-hatch pattern on the bottom. They are a bit thinner than a traditional "Chinet" plate, but much thicker than a white paper plate (you know the ones that you usually have to triple so they don't split down the middle!). They are rigid, and not at all floppy. They look different than anything else on the market. If you are looking for a distinctive looking plate that looks like something out of the ordinary, then these plates are for you. Tables decorated with crystals and lace set off a rustic chic look and next to red, these "natural" colored plates always looks sharp! Paired with cheetah linens also looks amazing! Being "Green" never means you have to give up on style! They are part of a complete place setting that includes the distinctive earth-friendly Utensils, and the Coffee Cups and/or PLA Corn Plastic Cups with an unbleached recycled napkin... the plate takes on a different purposeful "green" look.
How durable are EATware Plates & Bowls?
This is a very durable plate that you can feel absolutely confident serving hot (up to 130 C), cold, heavy and wet food on. You can cut food using our Spudware knives and these plates will be just fine! EATware items are also microwave safe, steamer safe and freezable.
What should I choose - Sugarcane Bagasse or EATware/Natural?
Both our Sugarcane Bagasse line and Natural line are wonderful. If you are looking for the most distinctive looking "Natural" product - then this is the line for you. Most people identify the natural light brown color as earth-friendly. Although our Sugarcane is as well the "Natural" products are more well known as such. I hope that helps! We often stock different brands of wheat, bamboo, pulp products with the same great quality!

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