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Sugarcane Biodegradable & Compostable 10" Dinner Plates - 125 pack
Sugarcane Biodegradable & Compostable 10" Plates

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Sugarcane Bagasse Biodegradable Compostable 10" Dinner Plates - 125 pack
This 10" Dinner Plate is the basic size plate you can buy at CostCo, etc. This is the most commonly used size for all occasions. This would be the ideal size for serving a pancake breakfast, burgers for lunch, or a hearty dinner. This is the size plate you probably have in your cupboard right now. If you buy this size you will find a variey of uses for it, including filling it with cookies to bring to your neighbors!
Our Sugarcane Bagasse line is made from all natural 100% sugarcane fiber. Sugarcane fiber is what remains after the juice is extracted from the sugarcane during the sugar manufacturing process. This line is truly exceptional because it is made from an annually renewable source that was formerly burned as waste. Sugarcane Bagasse items can be used with wet and dry foods of all temperatures, are microwave safe and freezable. They can be disposed of in your regular garbage; they are completely biodegradable and compostable.
Here is some additional information about the Sugarcane Bagasse products that may help you make a decision about what you need...
How "green" are Sugarcane Bagasse Plates & Bowls?
These plates are a wonderful "green" option because they are made from natural material that would have been burned as waste if not used for these plates and bowls. They are both biodegradable and compostable. As for green house gases, they are carbon neutral, meaning that the carbon released from this product while it degrades is equal to that which the plant absorbed from the atmosphere during its growth. If it is composted, much of the carbon will be fixed in the compost, replenishing the soil to assist plant growth instead of being released into the atmosphere. Many people are put off by the fact that these plates are made in China - I actually am too, but the fact is that China is where the sugarcane and sugar manufacturing is taking place, so it is the place where sugarcane fiber plates are made as well.
How do I dispose of Sugarcane Bagasse Plates & Bowls?
These plates can be thrown the regular garbage, composted in a commercial composting facility or composted in a backyard compost heap IF they are shredded in to uniform pieces before being added to the compost pile.
What do Sugarcane Bagasse Plates look like?
Sugarcane Bagasse plates are a heavy, off-white colored plate with an approximately 1 inch rim around them. They are smooth on the top and have a cross-hatch pattern on the bottom. They look just like "Chinet" plates made from tree fiber you buy in the market. They are not glamorous, these plates look like disposable picnic plates. But when they are part of a complete place setting that includes the distinctive Spudware utensils, and the distinctive Ecotainer Coffee Cups and/or PLA Corn Plastic Cups with an unbleached recycled napkin... the plate takes on a different purposeful "green" look.
How durable are Sugarcane Bagasse Plates & Bowls?
This is a very durable plate that you can feel absolutely confident serving hot, cold, heavy and wet food on. You can cut food using our Spudware knives and these plates will be just fine! Sugarcane Bagasse items are also microwave safe and freezable.
What should I choose - Sugarcane Bagasse or EATware?
Both our Sugarcane Bagasse Line and EATware line are wonderful, but I am often asked which is the best option. The answer is "it depends". You should choose Sugarcane Bagasse if you need large quantities, they come in bags of 125 units versus EATware's 25 and 50 unit bags. Sugarcane Bagasse products are less expensive than EATware products. If you are looking for the most distinctive looking product that will surely get people talking - then EATware is the line for you. EATware products are a natural light brown color, they are marked with the EATware logo and they look like something unique. I hope that helps!

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