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Tupperware Reusable Containers
Tupperware's plastic is literally built to last a lifetime. Unlike plastic baggies (how many of those are you using a day?!) and lower quality plastic food storage containers that are disposable by design and not effectively recycled, Tupperware can be washed and reused indefinitely. And when I say "indefinitely" I mean anywhere from 8 years (how long I have had some of my own Tupperware) to 50 years (how long my mother's Tupperware has been in use). I think that is a pretty impressive product life! As a mother of four that packs 2 lunches a day, and an avid cook who buys in bulk - I cannot deny the practicality of plastic bags, but I am dedicated to NOT USING PLASTIC BAGS. My Tupperware containers have served as plastic bag replacements for me for many years, the use of these containers has saved thousands of plastic bags in my home. I use them to store food, to send food home with friends and family and I send them to school with my kids. And you know what? I like them... I LIKE TUPPERWARE! There I said it! So, I sell it - but do not encourage the use of all the products. I recommend the use of the BPA-free, reusable containers that replace plastic bags.
Below, you will be able to buy in-stock Tupperware items that will ship with your regular Green Party Supply order.
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